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PRODUCT:Chinese blue limestone

Sales: +86 13465378449

Production: +86 15069740057

Tel:+86 537 6801280

ADD:Jiaocheng, Zhifang, Jiaxiang, Jining, Shaong, China

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Jining Baolai Stone Co., Ltd is specialized in the production of Chinese blue limestone, located at Jiaxiang county in Shandong province of China. Baolai Stone was established in the year 2007, covers 3000 square meters. We mainly produce blue limestone tiles, curbs, stairs, palisades, washing basins etc. We got direct exporting certificate licensed by the government.

Most of our blue limestones are exported to Europe especially Belgium and Holand market. Our factory is about 3 kilometers away from the quarry, it's very convenient to take the raw material and produce them quickly. For 8 years, we only produce blue limestone. We only focus on good quality blue stones which can meet the standard of Europe and North America.

The nearest shipping port is Qingdao, which is about 450 kilometers away from Baolai Stone factory.We accept T/T payment term and L/C payment term. Welcome to contact us for your nature stone projects, we are here for you.( MORE>>

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TEL:13465378449 15069740057 FAX:0537-6600650 ADD:Shandong province Jining city Jiaxiang County Zhi Fang Zhen Zhu Jie Cun.

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